Insights and reports from the Re:Dream project

Story by Re:Dream Team
A Dream Can Change Everything

A Dream Can Change Everything

During the course of the Re:Dream project, we placed four chalkboards in Kansas City’s Union Station for one week. The response was overwhelming. It became evident that instead of one American dream, there are now millions. But … it only takes one dream to change everything. What’s your dream? Make and share a Dream Card,... Read more »
Story by Re:Dream
Point Taken panel on set

‘Point Taken’ Full Episode: Is College Worth the Price Tag?

We’ve all heard the advice: If you want more opportunity, go to college. But today, that advice is seriously expensive. It makes you wonder: Can we still afford to send our kids to college? Or in today’s job market, can we afford not to? The social feed is a large portion of the Point Taken... Read more »
Story by Shawn Simpson
Carl Carter

Smile and Fight: ‘Boxing Kept Me Off The Street.’

Beneath the bulky uniform of the custodial staff of Johnson County Community College is an aging physique, but one chiseled in the gym and boxing ring on Chicago’s South Side. Masking the heart of a fighter is the charming smile and infectious enthusiasm of a man whose job is to toil in the wake of... Read more »
Story by PBS SoCal
Pasadena 12

Event Recap | Re:Dreaming at the Pasadena Playhouse

On April 19, PBS SoCal celebrated the success of the Re:Dream project with an evening of live performances, workshops and discussions all revolving around the American dream, how it has changed and what it means to each person. Over 100 guests gathered at the historic Pasadena Playhouse at Re:Dream Party, a room-to-room evening of performance,... Read more »
Story by Tiffiney Baumgarden, Re:Dream

Editorial: Millennials and the American Dream

Millennials — members of the generation born after 1980 and the first to come of age in the new millennium — are getting a bad rap. “They are lazy.” “They are entitled.” “They want participation trophies for everything.” “They only care about themselves.” These stereotypes are just the beginning. During the course of Re:Dream, we’ve collected thousands... Read more »
Story by Re:Dream Team
Point Taken panel

Point Taken Full Episode: The American Dream

The American Dream: Work hard, and you’ll make it. But nowadays, it can feel like hard work isn’t enough to ensure success or even to cover the basics. You start to wonder: Is the American Dream still alive, or are we just dreaming? In the series premiere of POINT TAKEN, join host Carlos and guests... Read more »
Story by Pete Schulte
Bill Brown on bike

Putting Together Legacies: Bill Brown’s 23-year Journey to a Degree

William “Bill” Brown emerges from the workshop at his home on his mobility scooter with a smile and a wave. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” can be heard in the background. Lines of motorcycles can be seen in the workshop behind Brown as he launches into a story about how he... Read more »
Story by Re:Dream Team
Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses: The New American Dream?

Could you live in a 180-square-foot house? Re:Dreamer Will Johnston started Tiny House Atlanta in the hopes of creating a community of people wanting a more minimalistic, experiential lifestyle. Many people view tiny houses as a gateway to personal economic freedom and environmental sustainability. Kansas City-based Atlas Lens published this infographic and accompanying article, “Tiny Houses: The... Read more »
Story by Nathaniel Bozarth

It’s Working: Showing Progress at the Halfway Point

We’ve launched over half of Re:Dream’s videos, we’re halfway through events scheduled, and we’ve collected thousands of dreams at events and installations. As a film producer, the most fulfilling moments are when you begin to see the art itself flourish in its own right. We saw this happen on the second day after launch, at... Read more »
Story by Tiffiney Baumgarden

Best Jobs for Women?

The Best-Paying Jobs for Women in 2016 The above header is the title of a Forbes article I saw come across my Facebook newsfeed in early March. Typically I don’t get too offended, but for some reason, this really annoyed me. After all, it is 2016. Do we really need to point out what jobs pay... Read more »


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