Best Jobs for Women?

The Best-Paying Jobs for Women in 2016

The above header is the title of a Forbes article I saw come across my Facebook newsfeed in early March. Typically I don’t get too offended, but for some reason, this really annoyed me. After all, it is 2016. Do we really need to point out what jobs pay the best per gender? This especially disappointed me coming from a major business and finance source like Forbes.

As I scrolled through the job titles, I noticed that it lists the gender pay gap for each position. It seems ironic that Forbes is posting positions in which women are paid well but also pointing out how much less they are making than their male counterparts. Just two of the positions said there wasn’t a difference. Another two stated that the gap was 8 to 10 percent. The remaining careers had a difference of 12 to 31 percent!

To put it further in perspective, if a woman is a marketing and sales manager, then she is making about $65,416. The wage gap for this position is 21.5 percent, which means that men are making about $14,000 more. That’s more than $1,000 that is missing from her pocket every month. That’s rent for many Americans.

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To make sure that I kept things on an even playing field, I searched for the best-paying jobs in 2016 on Forbes. Low and behold, I found it. The most interesting fact? Only one of the positions listed was also on the best-paying jobs for women, which was CEO. The salary on the women list for CEO is $95,472 (the highest on the list). The amount listed on the general list: $178,000 (the lowest on the list). Let me say that one more time. The best-paying job for women in 2016 is No. 10 on the complete list of best-paying jobs for 2016. The pay difference? A mere $82,528.

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