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Lavan & Vannel Johnson - DPTV Documentary videos

Lavan & Vannel Johnson

For the Johnson brothers, if it weren’t for after-school programs, they would have no opportunity to succeed. Lavan and Vannel are high school students and boxing champions. Lavan, currently ranked first in his age class, wants to box professionally. His brother Vannel wants to be an architect. They cite extracurricular programs as a key to… Read more »

Robert Johnson Jr. - DPTV Documentary videos

Robert Johnson Jr.

Robert Johnson Jr. trained to be an actor but he’s got a gift for customer service. If he could just get a car, it could change everything. To Robert the American dream starts by staying above water, paying the bills, but then there’s the pursuit of happiness that he’s sure will come when he gets… Read more »

Raquel Castaneda-Lopez - DPTV Documentary videos

Raquel Castañeda-López

Raquel Castañeda-López, the first Latina ever elected to Detroit’s City Council, recounts her personal struggles and how she dedicates herself to fighting for everyone she represents to have the same access to opportunity that she has had. She overcame poverty and personal tragedy, but she had to overcome her own self-doubt about her abilities to… Read more »

Andre Watson - DPTV documentary videos

Andre Watson

To Andre Watson, success is helping the African American community bridge the wealth gap, but the lack of dialogue surrounding finances is making that hard to accomplish. Andre was one of three children, living with a single mother in northwest Detroit. The daily struggles he faced — neighborhood violence being one of the most prevalent—… Read more »

Rashida Tlaib - DPTV Documentary Interview videos

Rashida Tlaib

For Rashida Tlaib, if it she didn’t win her election to the state legislature, she might not have discovered the power within her to do even more. Rashida’s mother was pregnant with her when she stepped of the plane that arrived from Palestine. US-born and Muslim, she was raised in southwest Detroit. Her law degree… Read more »

Dave Bing - DPTV Documentary Interview videos

Dave Bing

Dave Bing was a former seven time All-Star NBA player, and that is the least successful career move he made, he says. Growing up, Dave learned entrepreneurial skills from his father, a bricklayer and deacon. Although his parents didn’t focus on his athleticism as a baseball and basketball player, Dave went to Syracuse University on… Read more »

ReDream_DPTV_1_Smitley_thumbnail_002 videos

Kyle Smitley

To Kyle Smitley, success is being able to make an impact on Detroit’s education landscape. But making sure that kids are at the forefront of the education conversation remains an obstacle in Detroit. By her late 20s, Kyle Smitley had seemingly already achieved the American dream as a successful entrepreneur of an organic clothing company… Read more »

Tsehaya Smith videos

Tsehaya Smith

To Tsehaya Smith, success is artistic liberty. But financial burdens threatened to take it all away. Tsehaya is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. Her career was thriving until her mother passed away, leaving her a house drowning in debt. With the help of Detroit Eviction Defense, she found triumph in court by proving that the… Read more »