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Tom & Ashlee Cleveland - GPB Documentary videos

Ashlee & Tom Cleveland

To Ashlee and Tom, success is creating a product that people are happy with through their jobs, and living a fulfilled and happy lifestyle with a close-knit family. But living in a small town with growing competition and being unable to control the obstacles that come with running a farm remain huge obstacles. After growing… Read more »

ReDream_GPB_6_Hope&SteveDezember_thumbnail_002 videos

Hope & Steve Dezember

To Hope and Steve Dezember, success is living a life that makes them happy and making a positive impact on everyone they come across. But having a disease that progressively gets worse remains an obstacle for both of them. Hope and Steve met before Steve was diagnosed with ALS. After six months of dating, he… Read more »

Lynn Chopp - GPB Documentary videos

Lynn Chopp

Coming to America from Kenya at a young age felt like the fresh start she’d always dreamed of, until her happily-ever-after was turned upside down. After ending an abusive marriage, she set out to take charge and learn how to manage her money. Now this single mother of three is following her dreams by finding… Read more »


Re:Dream Screening Party

Join us for a Georgia celebration of the Re:Dream project! We will screen GPB’s Re:Dream segments and provide a moderated talkback with participants and community members. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their own dreams and discuss what the American dream looks like, both in metro Atlanta and more rural parts of the state.

Carrie Christie - GPB Documentary videos

Carrie Christie

To Carrie, the American dream is having the privilege to make a choice about what you want to do with your life, but also finding a way to be financially stable and handle the pressure of doing what you love. Carrie was in the marching band, took dance lessons, and participated in theater in high… Read more »

Sallie Ann Robinson - GPB Documentary videos

Sallie Ann Robinson

To Sallie, success is helping others succeed through nursing and cooking. But being away from Dafuskie Island remains a huge obstacle. She is a chef, a cookbook author, and motivational speaker. Her parents taught her that respect, caring for others, and love would lead to a fulfilling future. Her love for food started at a… Read more »

Nasiha Mujkanovic - GPB Interview videos

Nasiha Mujkanovic

For Nasiha, if it weren’t for coming to the United States and having the opportunity to teach, she wouldn’t be living their dream of helping children refugees thrive. Being a refugee from Bosnia, Nasiha learned how to persevere while trying to move to the United States with her family. Her sons’ education was of utmost… Read more »

ReDream_GPB_1_DaveMoody_thumbnail_004 videos

Dave Moody

For Dave Moody, the combination of a good education, his wife, and a passion for architecture, led him to be a successful business owner. He decided he had a passion for building, so used his knowledge of architecture as an opportunity in the construction business. Just weeks after accepting his dream job and relocating his… Read more »

Will Johnston videos

Will Johnston

To Will Johnston, the American dream is having a family and community who are there for him. Being able to live in the moment with less materialistic needs is his goal, but others see it as a sacrifice they aren’t willing to make. Will was raised in a log cabin in Hedgesville, West Virginia until… Read more »