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A Dream Can Change Everything explore

A Dream Can Change Everything

During the course of the Re:Dream project, we placed four chalkboards in Kansas City’s Union Station for one week. The response was overwhelming. It became evident that instead of one American dream, there are now millions. But … it only takes one dream to change everything. What’s your dream? Make and share a Dream Card,… Read more »

Tammy Edwards - KCPT Documentary videos

Tammy Edwards

Mentorship, networking, incredible parenting, and an indelible work ethic got Tammy Edwards to where she is today. Tammy grew up in humble circumstances on Kansas City’s East Side. Her parents created a supportive and encouraging environment for their two daughters, insisting that not only would they go to college someday, but they would also get… Read more »

Rory O'Connor - KCPT Documentary videos

Rory O’Connor

To Rory O’Connor, the American dream means having the freedom to pursue whatever one’s dream may be. Rory always knew he would leave Ireland someday, following a national ethos of emigration. What he didn’t know, however, is that this emigration would follow being kicked out of college in Ireland. Once in Kansas City, Rory enrolled… Read more »

A women in a hijab pictured with her horse explore

‘Muslim Like Me’ Series Explores Through Lens of Faith

During a weeklong series on Flatland, KCPT’s digital magazine, and as part of KCPT’s Beyond Belief project, five varied voices spoke about both the freedoms and difficulties found as practicing Muslims. The “Muslim Like Me” series touched on all sides of practicing one’s faith in the Midwest with intimate portraits and interviews of the men and women. From the woman who discovered her own preconceived… Read more »

Star Palmer - KCPT Documentary videos

Star Palmer

Star Palmer was kicked out of her home at the age of 15 because of her sexuality. A black lesbian female, Star was outed by her aunt when she was in middle school. Her conservative church and family kicked her out and rejected her. Homeless for a time, principles and faith sustained her so that… Read more »

campus-2-1 events

JCCC Re:Dream Roundtable Discussion

Everyone from the JCCC campus community is invited to participate in a special roundtable discussion about opportunities, obstacles and the American dream in the 21st century.

Elliott Clark - KCPT Interview videos

Elliott Clark

To Elliott, the American dream means having something to be able to pass on to his children, but losing his home to predatory lending took away the one thing he had hoped to pass on. Elliott had served two tours in Vietnam, married, worked as a cook at a Kansas City restaurant, and owned a… Read more »

youth ambassadors explore

Youth Speak: American Dreams

Youth Ambassadors, a not-for-profit educational work program in Kansas City, works with inner city youth to give them a voice. On March 1 they hosted an event to share stories about situations youth are facing today. At the end of the event, we asked the speakers and the community, “What is YOUR American dream?”   ‪

Hemme's - KCPT Documentary videos

David & Janet Hemme

To the Hemmes, success means staying true to your core values. So when economic realities threaten those values — which, for them are family and Christ — they buckle down and make the needed changes. David and Janet Hemme live in a small house on a farm in mid-Missouri. During the first part of their… Read more »

Teens take part in Youth Ambassador's "Youth Speak" event where they shared original poetry about teen life in Kansas City. (Photo: Daniel Boothe | Flatland) explore

Lifting Their Voices: At Youth Speak Event, Teens Read Original Poetry About The Harder Side Of Life In KC

It is not easy being a teenager in Kansas City. As inner-city teens enrolled in the Youth Ambassadors program took turns reading each other’s original poetry, their works gave insight into the sometimes harsh realities and struggles facing our community’s younger demographic. Teen pregnancy, life on the streets, drug addiction, violence towards women, and incarcerated parents… Read more »