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I Lost a Job Opportunity and Gained a Career, by Bill Kort

I have always been a stock market junky. Getting out of college, it was my dream to get a job as a broker. I wanted to learn how to make money with money, invest for my own account, become wealthy and sit on the handlebars while everyone else peddled — admittedly, this ‘handlebar’ bit has been… Read more »

Justin Curry - KCPT Interview videos

Justin Curry

Justin Curry is pursuing his American dream by impacting people through music, because if you’re just living for yourself, you’re not living. For Justin, if it weren’t for growing up in a family that exposed him to successful people, he wouldn’t be able to envision his own path to success. Like many recent graduates, Justin… Read more »

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KC Celebrates First Week of Video Releases

Nearly 200 people gathered in Midtown, Kansas City for a Re:Dream Party on Thursday, March 3rd, after the official launch of the Re:Dream website and roll-out of micro-documentaries began nationwide on Monday. The main focus of the event, at historic The Drugstore on Main and Westport, was a chance to screen videos and open up the conversation to… Read more »

Thomas Sanchez with Anthony Shop explore

The Future is Bright, by Thomas Sanchez with Anthony Shop

The future is bright.  That simple mantra is what has allowed Anthony and me to dream and create our future together. As a kid growing up on a family farm in Missouri, my family would plant seeds each spring with the optimism that the results months later would be worthwhile. It always yielded results. My… Read more »

ReDream_KCPT_7_Wynn-Thumbnail_002 videos

Thi Wynn

To Thi Wynn, the American dream is the hope that you can do anything you want in this country regardless of ethnicity or nationality. This hope, however, requires action and hard work. Thi Wynn came to the United States with her mother and sister as wartime refugees. Starting afresh in a new country with few… Read more »


Honest Conversation on Race

Join in a conversation about the issues that result from racial inequities in our region—both Missouri and Kansas—and the wider world around us.

Sharon Wright outdoor top of mountain explore

Overcoming Personal Obstacles, by Sharon Wright

I think the only true obstacles that have ever stood in my way were all in my head. I was the product of a horrible relationship, given to my grandparents to raise. I was molested until I was 15 by multiple people in my family. Spent time on the streets, spent some time in jail,… Read more »

Roger Espinoza of Sporting KC videos

Roger Espinoza

  To Roger Espinoza, success was owning a home and going pro… but he’s already done all that. He knows — no matter what anyone else says — it’s because America is the land of opportunity. Born in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, Roger met his father for the first time when he was twelve years old…. Read more »

AJM Gem Exterior - Photo by Ben Weddle events

Opportunity and Obstacles: A Re:Dream Panel Discussion

Join Re:Dream as we discuss opportunities, obstacles and the American dream. Our panel will give their diverse input on the state of opportunity in America today and what may be done to increase or improve access to those opportunities. Opportunities for audience Q & A will be included. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Panel discussion begins… Read more »

Kansas City Museum events

Re:Dreaming Kansas City at the Kansas City Museum

The Kansas City Museum hosts Kansas Citians as they dream for themselves, their neighborhoods, and their city. Attendees will find a different activity presented in each room to record their versions of the American dream and their dreams for Kansas City. RSVP to Paul Gutierrez at [email protected] or by calling 816-513-0726.