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As Southern California’s flagship PBS station, PBS SoCaL provides early education, access to a broad array of arts and culture, and programs for, about, and by the people of the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Pasadena 12 explore

Event Recap | Re:Dreaming at the Pasadena Playhouse

On April 19, PBS SoCal celebrated the success of the Re:Dream project with an evening of live performances, workshops and discussions all revolving around the American dream, how it has changed and what it means to each person. Over 100 guests gathered at the historic Pasadena Playhouse at Re:Dream Party, a room-to-room evening of performance,… Read more »

Peter Daniels - PBS SoCal Documentary videos

Peter Daniels

To Peter Daniels, success is financial and family stability. But the lack of education and family love was a huge obstacle in his early days in America. After surviving the Holocaust as a child, he continued to face struggles in America. Knowing little English, with no education and suffering from domestic abuse, he left home… Read more »

David Cooley - PBS SoCal Documentary videos

David Cooley

For David Cooley, if it wasn’t for taking a risk on a coffee shop, he wouldn’t be running one of the most well known restaurants in the world. David moved to Los Angeles, as he was experiencing being gay for the first time, because West Hollywood was known as a safe place to be out…. Read more »

Iram Parveen Bilal - PBS SoCal Documentary videos

Iram Parveen Bilal

Iram Parveen Bilal’s dream is to be respected for the cultural diversity she brings to the film industry, but she’s not sure if the changes happening for equality in the industry will have an effect during her lifetime. After growing up in Nigeria and Pakistan, Iram arrived in the United States on her own as… Read more »

Robin Sukhadia - PBS SoCal Documentary videos

Robin Sukhadia

To Robin Sukhadia, the American dream means having an outlet for his creative talents and helping others to support their talents. But he’s always working hard to keep stability for his growing family. His parent’s determination to leave India and be Americans led to an early life of instability, full of secrets after they came… Read more »

Adriana Aguilar - PBS SoCal Documentary videos

Adriana Aguilar

To Adriana Aguilar, success is enabling the growth of her community. But completing her education remains a huge obstacle. Coming to the United States at the age of one undocumented, she always knew she was an immigrant and would need to work harder to attain her goals. Now, in her last semester of college, she… Read more »

Telisa Sanders - PBS SoCal Interview videos

Telisa Sanders

To Telisa Sanders, success is accomplishing her goals of finishing school, starting her own business and giving back to the community. But juggling financial and family responsibility makes it harder to meet her goals. Entering Crenshaw High School as a freshman, she saw gangs and fighting. But the next year, the school converted to a… Read more »

SoCal Dream Bus Event explore

Event Recap | Re:Dream in Motion at PBS SoCal

On February 20, the community engagement team at PBS SoCal hosted Re: Dream in Motion, a “train-the-trainer” field trip. Twenty community leaders involved in programming for local nonprofits, like A Place Called Home and The Skirball Cultural Center, joined PBS SoCal to explore the changing American dream through the lenses of education, entrepreneurship, and place-making. Participants… Read more »

Marlene Calderon - Re:Dream Documentary videos

Marlene Calderon

For Marlene Calderon, a career chasing her name on the door has kept her from true happiness and the family she’s wanted. While attending college in Oregon, she was exposed to Wieden + Kennedy, a national advertising agency based in the area, and she found her passion for working in the advertising field. But even… Read more »

ReDream_LA_2_Romero_thumbnail_002 videos

Sandra Romero

For Sandra Romero, a high school mentor enabled her to lead her community to new heights. As a single mother on welfare at age 14, Sandra Romero was almost forced to leave school and give up on her dreams. But with the help of a mentor, she decided she wanted more from life. She finished… Read more »