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WETA Television and Classical WETA 90.9 FM are community-based public broadcasting stations serving the Washington area and supported by listeners and viewers. WETA is also a major producing station for PBS.

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Brennan Mullaney - WETA Documentary videos

Brennan Mullaney

To Brennan Mullaney, the American dream is the ability to live in peace with those he loves and to serve others, but for veterans like him figuring out “what’s next” can be a huge challenge. He was a plebe at the U.S. Military Academy when the Twin Towers fell, becoming part of the West Point… Read more »

ReDream_WETA_3_SamphelBrothers_thumbnail_01 videos

Ngawang and Tenzin Samphel

To Ngawang and Tenzin Samphel, success is making a living through electronic dance music. Their future looks bright but uncertain. The sons of Tibetan immigrant parents, these two aspiring electronic dance music producers dream of touring the world and performing for the masses. Living at home with their parents, they draw strength from their Buddhist… Read more »

Tabiais Wilson - KCPT Documentary videos

Tabias Wilson

Tabias Wilson has faced poverty and discrimination for his race and sexual orientation, but those experiences drive him to empower others. He grew up in Kansas impoverished and discriminated against for his skin color and sexual orientation. His grandmother opened his eyes and mind at a young age, and he carried a passion to effect… Read more »

Tim & Joey Ma - WETA Documentary videos

Tim & Joey Ma

In the midst of the 2008 economic crisis, these second generation immigrants gave up their jobs and risked all their savings to chase the dream of opening a restaurant. Not realizing how much they didn’t know about the industry, Tim and Joey Ma were one day from going bankrupt when they found out they were… Read more »

Jhamal McKee - WETA Documentary videos

Jhamal McKee

Jhamal McKee was unemployed for four years and lost his house, but senses his big break may be coming with his new web series. He grew up in a single-parent family and set the personal dream of owning his own home someday. But after accomplishing that goal at age 26, he lost his job and,… Read more »

Laura Sharkey - WETA Interview videos

Laura Sharkey

For Laura Sharkey, if it weren’t for hard work and education, she wouldn’t have made it as a small business owner. Growing up “poor in a neighborhood that was not poor” on Long Island, she was the first person from her family to go to college and earned a Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology. However,… Read more »

ReDream_WETA_7_BillyJohnson_thumbnail_02 videos

Billy Johnson

For Billy Johnson, alcohol and drug abuse forced him to live a life on the streets even though his family “wasn’t a street family.” A self-described career hustler, he spent a total of 25 years behind bars on various drug, weapons, and robbery charges. Homeless and still using drugs after getting out of prison, he… Read more »


Re:Dreaming at GW

Join a conversation at The George Washington University about opportunity, obstacles, and the American dream. Conversation will follow from three WETA-produced micro-documentaries. The individuals interviewed in each of these films will be present at the event for Q&A.

Ayan Nanji (left) and Valerie Connors (right) videos

Valerie Conners and Ayaz Nanji

Valerie Conners and Ayaz Nanji are pursuing their American dream by giving up traditional markers of success because they want to experience the world. By all outward appearances, they seemed to be living the dream – great jobs and an upscale lifestyle in New York. However, for these two Internet marketers, something was missing. Four… Read more »