Video posted on April 19, 2016 at 6:00 am CST

To Brennan Mullaney, the American dream is the ability to live in peace with those he loves and to serve others, but for veterans like him figuring out “what’s next” can be a huge challenge.

He was a plebe at the U.S. Military Academy when the Twin Towers fell, becoming part of the West Point class known as the “Class of 9/11.” After four years preparing to lead soldiers into battle, he deployed to Iraq for two tours of duty. When he left the Army he faced the same challenge so many returning soldiers face: What’s next? Driven by his own experience and what he saw in the men he led, he devoted his professional life to engaging with veterans and creating opportunities for them.

“I didn’t really have the quintessential post traumatic stress indicators, but I’ve struggled to sort of find where I fit. It’s not like ‘Hey, you take off your uniform and put on a tie and go to work and everything’s ok,’” Brennan said.

To Brennan, success is less about achieving things and more about the impact he has on people.