Video posted on April 15, 2016 at 6:00 am CST

To Hope and Steve Dezember, success is living a life that makes them happy and making a positive impact on everyone they come across. But having a disease that progressively gets worse remains an obstacle for both of them.

Hope and Steve met before Steve was diagnosed with ALS. After six months of dating, he was diagnosed with ALS. He tried to free her; she said she’d never leave — and Hope For Steve was born. Living with ALS is a constant struggle, but this couple sees it as an opportunity to share their story, thankful for technology that makes it possible. They dream of lifting people up, spreading awareness, and reminding the world that all we need is love… and to never lose hope. They are now married, make the most of everyday life, and rely heavily on technology to communicate. They aim to find a cure for ALS, and be the voice for those living with the disease.

“My American dream is being a catalyst in the cure or treatment for ALS. To constantly take life by the horns and live life to fullest,” Steve said.

They are pursuing their American dream by raising money and reaching out to the ALS community for guidance and advice, because their goal is to ultimately help others.