Video posted on March 15, 2016 at 6:10 am CST

For Nasiha, if it weren’t for coming to the United States and having the opportunity to teach, she wouldn’t be living their dream of helping children refugees thrive.

Being a refugee from Bosnia, Nasiha learned how to persevere while trying to move to the United States with her family. Her sons’ education was of utmost importance to her after getting the opportunity to move to Georgia. She met great people who opened many doors and made it possible for her to pursue teaching. She worked hard to accomplish all that she has and wants to continue instilling confidence and positivity in the lives of the children she teaches.

“Living in peace. I mean oh my God, peace. That’s something like, I never know what’s the value of peace … in order to be successful you have to have peace,” Nasiha said.

Nasiha’s dream is to give the same chances she got to the children she teaches, but also to teach them the importance of being themselves and working hard for what they want in life.