Video posted on April 18, 2016 at 6:00 am CST

To Peter Daniels, success is financial and family stability. But the lack of education and family love was a huge obstacle in his early days in America.

After surviving the Holocaust as a child, he continued to face struggles in America. Knowing little English, with no education and suffering from domestic abuse, he left home at 14 years old, working odd jobs and hitchhiking around the country. At 18 he joined the Navy, and upon seeing other officers with education decided to enroll himself in college. Working hard, he struggled to complete school, but did and was offered a corporate job upon graduation. He now has a wonderful family and is retired, volunteering to speak to audiences about his experience.

“I think if we were to take the American dream and take out the economic aspects of it, then I think it might be easier to relate to the American dream where there’s a freedom of speech, a vibrant democracy, where you have great opportunities without being stifled because of your position in life,” Peter said.

Peter is pursuing his American dream by speaking out about his experience in Nazi Germany, because passing on history in person has a great impact for future generations.