Video posted on March 21, 2016 at 6:00 am CST

For Rashida Tlaib, if it she didn’t win her election to the state legislature, she might not have discovered the power within her to do even more.

Rashida’s mother was pregnant with her when she stepped of the plane that arrived from Palestine. US-born and Muslim, she was raised in southwest Detroit. Her law degree could have allowed her to pursue vast career opportunities, but she dreamed of working on international human rights issues. When she realized there was plenty of work to do here at home, she earned political success as the first Muslim woman elected to a state office. Now she’s working to fight ignorance and a rising Islamophobia in her own backyard.

“I think my American Dream, I’m thinking about my parents born in Palestine and the struggles they had, the fact they could see me succeed,” Rashida said. “My grandmother, who was illiterate, could see her granddaughter graduate from college and from law school.”

To Rashida, success will come in helping shape a new world where her sons can live without fear as Muslims.