Video posted on March 2, 2016 at 6:10 am CST


To Roger Espinoza, success was owning a home and going pro… but he’s already done all that. He knows — no matter what anyone else says — it’s because America is the land of opportunity.

Born in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, Roger met his father for the first time when he was twelve years old. He had just immigrated to the United State, landing with his mother and siblings in Denver, Colorado. His father had been in the U.S. for the past five years, working to support the family, gain legal status, and get visas for his wife and children.

The cold Colorado winter was a harsh welcome to Roger and his family. But their life in America far exceeded their life in Honduras. Mentors played an important part in Roger succeeding in the United States, helping the new family access educational scholarships that got Roger into prep schools and on the path to college. It was while attending Ohio State on an athletic scholarship that he was recruited to Kansas City’s soccer club.

He joined Sporting KC (then called The Wizards) in 2007, marking the start of his career as a professional athlete. He’s played in lauded English futball clubs. He’s an MLS All-Star and he’s an Olympic athlete. Roger is also the most soft-spoken athletic superstar you will ever meet.