Video posted on March 25, 2016 at 6:00 am CST

To Sallie, success is helping others succeed through nursing and cooking. But being away from Dafuskie Island remains a huge obstacle.

She is a chef, a cookbook author, and motivational speaker. Her parents taught her that respect, caring for others, and love would lead to a fulfilling future. Her love for food started at a young age when her mother taught her how to cook. She learned that food was not only about survival, but how to prepare a good meal with love after a hard day’s work. Her idea of success is to see people constantly pursuing goals and knowing that they have no limits, and that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed. She believes that if you love yourself, love the people you are around, and appreciate the things of life, your dreams are unlimited.

“Our parents always was teaching us manners, moral value, and respect. Why it was important to learn how to cook, how to survive mainly. And survival was not only just to cook, but how to prepare a good meal.” Sallie Ann said.

Sallie is pursuing her American dream by continuing to write her family recipes, because she not only wants to achieve her dream, but she wants to help others pursue and achieve theirs.