Video posted on March 3, 2016 at 6:10 am CST

To Will Johnston, the American dream is having a family and community who are there for him. Being able to live in the moment with less materialistic needs is his goal, but others see it as a sacrifice they aren’t willing to make.

Will was raised in a log cabin in Hedgesville, West Virginia until he was nine, and has a passion for traveling. After attending college he had the opportunity to travel to Boston, Thailand, Germany, and New Zealand. In addition to traveling he’s pursued jobs with the BBC and AJC, and worked on organic farms and vineyards.

That was all before starting Tiny House Atlanta in 2014 in the hopes of creating a community for people seeking the same dream. He believes the American dream means embracing the realization that we are extremely fortunate, and he wants communities to embrace change and embrace caring for each other. Success to him is helping others, living in the moment and being able to see a difference.